Take Action

Time to Get Busy

A Wind of Change Blows Through November and into 2017

November 4, 2016. Paris Agreement went into effect (Set a 2 degree limit on warming, aspiring to bring it down to 1.5 degrees – indicates worldwide reduction in fossil fuel use by 75-90% by 2050).

November 8, 2016 and beyond.

  • Marrakech Climate Change Conference began, with the goal to put meat on the bones of the framework agreed to on November 4. Also, on that same day, an earthquake shook the United States.
  • A political earthquake. Donald Trump was elected in what was called a “Populist Wave,” having rejected global climate accords and described Climate Change as a hoax, throwing doubt on top-down driven change going forward.
  • In the weeks that followed, Clean Energy Technology stood up, ready to be put to use. Troops’ spirits flagged for a few weeks, and then a strong voice of opposition, hope and independence emerged by Thanksgiving.

January 20 & 21, 2017. The new President Trump was inaugurated on a Friday, and on Saturday, north of 4 million women and men gathered in marches throughout the world – The Women’s March made a statement about a growing Resistance.

April 22 and 29, 2017. Ironically, on Earth Day – April 22 – those supporting Science marched in Science marches. The weekend after, on April 29, those supporting Climate Action marched … while these marches were far smaller than the Women’s March in January, they both represented a continuance of the Resistance that took Root in the Women’s March.

Personal Response

Given this unprecedented string of events over the past six months, its time for individuals, businesses and organizations to take action to:

  1. Plan. Understand their energy use and relationship with energy better, then set goals
  2. Control. Determine specific ways to take control and shape energy use to fit organizational, company or personal values
  3. Produce. Begin to produce energy –  how and when it makes sense for organizational, company or personal situations

Energy Independence and Energy Innovation are growing realities reflected in the Rising Prosumers who are adopting new energy technologies and making decisions to craft energy to suit their views, values, situations and needs.

A first step to respond to action and statements by global and local leaders is to take action at the personal level, by referencing and employing the tools in the Toolbox section on this website, here. With a good understanding of the changes in energy that are opening new doors, the next step is to craft a Personal Energy Plan using the tools below.


The companion website, platform and app suite to www.prsenl.com is currently under development.

PersonalEnergy.me – see www.personalenergy.me, is a platform and app designed to provide individuals and companies an energy identity and a permanent home on the internet regardless of changing circumstances. PersonalEnergy.me is a toolbox to make change and choices easier.

  • Personal Energy ID/URL and Profile/Change Tracker
  • Unique Personal Energy Number
  • Personal Energy Persona/Type Indicator
  • Customized Information, Tasks and Tips pushed to the app(s) on personal smart phones
  • Economic Incentives for personal changes (coupons, group purchases, and peer-to-peer transactions)

We’ll market test in three key markets when the prototype is ready (anticipated November 2017). Our wholesale subscription strategy is to recruit cities, universities, communities, utilities, corporations, and merchants to help sign people up. Global and Local Personal Energy Communities will form a new market based on clean energy lifestyles that will help each of us to let go of fossil fuels. PersonalEnergy.me will get us all on the same page, with each of us focused on our common challenge and a renewed sense of urgency, in order to craft and share unique, innovative, constructive solutions that compound climate benefits and turn this ship around.

Here’s a couple of highlights of what to expect when the platform and app suite go live.

DER Vendor Profiles

These personal energy company profiles will provide energy users and rising prosumers a perspective on new companies entering this space. Energy Innovation will come from a variety of sources, but principally from new companies that combine new energy technologies with new business models. This platform and app will provide a perspective into this highly dynamic space, together with ongoing analysis and recommendations.

App Suite

Soon after the platform and core applications are launched, we expect to launch the Starfish App, to provide Personal Energy users and prosumers suggestions in the form of a regular prompt to help shape their personal energy profile in five categories that contribute most to Carbon Footprint: Energy, Transportation, Water, Food and Consumption/Disposal.  As with content on the PersonalEnergy.me app, the Personal Energy user will choose between two responses: 1) Yes – opt in; or 2) No – Refuse the suggestion as not appropriate.

Over time, the app will work in conjunction with the platform and its apps, to help the user to document the journey to develop a unique Personal Energy style and consistently lower their Carbon Footprint.