Personal Energy Market Services

New Market Approaches Tailored to a New Era in Energy

For electric utilities, regulators, corporations and companies, and institutions, the challenges discussed on these web pages represent fundamental and rapid change to the foundational energy supply we all rely on. From production to distribution to consumption, the entire energy supply chain is now open to innovation and new approaches to personalization and value.

Driven by the imperatives of Climate Change and the innovations of Digital Technology, Personal Energy is emerging as a new approach to energy, from the perspective of the energy consumer / innovative prosumer. The emerging market segment of Innovative Prosumers promises fresh perspectives on energy that will both challenge existing business models and plans and create brand new value propositions, products and services.

Prsenl offers professional services to help organizations of all types and sizes plan, strategize and implement solutions associated with the emerging Personal Energy marketplace. Our services are divided into three primary areas of focus, as described below.

The me- Network & Kickstarter Campaign

Now under development, the me- Network prototype is a network-based platform and mobile app supported by a rational framework that gives new energy consumers (“subsidized participants”) both a methodology to understand new technology and the context needed to simplify market decisions based on unique personal values.

  1. A unique Personal Energy ID – a URL & Account Number – is anchored to the unique Personal Energy Profile
  2. A unique Personal Energy PROFILE generated by three framework elements is a baseline/touchstone
  3. An initial Personal Energy NUMBER is driven by surveys or quizzes measuring areas of personal emphasis (3) – independence, economy and environment – and intensity levels 4-0 (with 0-0-0 the ideal NUMBER)
  4. Personal Energy TYPEs (8) comprise NUMBER categories that share similar perspectives
  5. Membership/Maturity LEVELS (7) show market creation as ratepayers transform on a continuum into rising prosumers – willing to spend more on new technologies, services and solutions
  6. Value-Added CONTENT tailored to TYPEs shapes emerging Personal Energy personas (educational material, relevant tasks, best practice tips, sponsored discounts, group purchases, peer transactions)
  7.  Social NETWORK features will enable subscriber interaction and easy group formation


Prsenl Services

Governments, institutions, organizations and companies will find opportunities to participate on the new platform by way of two principal sets of services.

Prsenl Professional Services

  • Personal Energy Planning, Strategy, and Implementation
  • New products, services and business models to create new sources of revenue
  • Marketing incentives and engagement with targeted consumers and communities
  • Licensing of the Prsenl brand for a rapid, seamless response to this emerging trend

Prsenl Platform Services

Platform participants, including the institutions below, as well as mature prosumers and prosumer communities, may seek various services that derive from platform participation

Prsenl Market Data & Services

Prsenl will sell new market data and value-added market insights to those seeking to understand the emerging market and its many segments.

Who Can Benefit from Prsenl Professional Services?

Governments, institutions, organizations and companies will find opportunities to participate on the new platform by way of two principal sets of services.

  • Electric Utilities
  • Electric Industry Regulators
  • Traditional Energy Industry Vendors
  • Clean Energy Vendors
  • Local Governments
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Charities, and Philanthropic Institutions
  • Commercial Corporations and Companies
  • Education Institutions (Universities, Community Colleges, K-12 Schools, etc.)

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