Profile Part A – Get Started

The Profile Tool

Understanding energy change and taking action to decarbonize one’s life and/or business is a challenge unlike any other we have faced as a species and society – the size and scope of this kind of change over a short 10-20 years is unprecedented. We created the me- Network with its Profile tool to help those who seek to change to make better decisions – choices that are more appropriate to their values, budget and perspective – faster, easier, and less expensive than they would do on their own.

Key Steps to Get Started

  1. Digitization – Creating a digital personality is vital to creating a marketing framework – it starts with registration and generation of a Personal Energy ID and Profile Page;
  2. Preliminary Evaluation – a short quiz establishes the personality by sorting among Interests and Intensity …. 3 Interest categories (Independence, Economics, and Carbon) are evaluated on a scale of 4 (dependent, expensive and/or dirty) down to 0 (independent, zero cost – or profit center, and/or clean). The output is a 3-digit Personal Energy NUMBER.
  3. First Segmentation – The Personal Energy NUMBERs (125 unique combinations) are grouped into 8 Personal Energy TYPEs, which allows marketing segmentation and analysis of market data for insights on market behavior.
  4. Second Segmentation – LEVELs divide the entire market (global) of energy consumers based upon the level of maturity – that is, their willingness to buy along their journey of decarbonization. In parallel, users move up in membership levels, with additional motivation and points as they progress higher.
  5. Baseline – These Steps establish the user with a digital account and a starter profile to serve as a baseline, an elemental feature of any change program to measure future success.