Profile Part C – Managing Maturity

The Profile Tool

Understanding energy change and taking action to decarbonize one’s life and/or business is a challenge unlike any other we have faced as a species and society – the size and scope of this kind of change over a short 10-20 years is unprecedented. We created the me- Network with its Profile tool to help those who seek to change to make better decisions – choices that are more appropriate to their values, budget and perspective – faster, easier, and less expensive than they would do on their own.

Key Steps

  1. Revised PROFILE – The PROFILE houses the content selections and choices over time, but also the user’s status in terms of NUMBER, TYPE and LEVEL In time, the user may opt to take a test to see if their perspectives have shifted based on their interaction and activity. Over time, this process demonstrates progress along the maturity curve and collectively, market development.
  2. DATA Feedback
  3. Value INSIGHTS
  4. Social NETWORK