Profile Part B – Making Decisions

The Profile Tool

Understanding energy change and taking action to decarbonize one’s life and/or business is a challenge unlike any other we have faced as a species and society – the size and scope of this kind of change over a short 10-20 years is unprecedented. We created the me- Network with its Profile tool to help those who seek to change to make better decisions – choices that are more appropriate to their values, budget and perspective – faster, easier, and less expensive than they would do on their own.

Micro Decisions

The Profile Tool enables the user to make multiple decisions daily, providing practice and confidence-building for the user, easing them into a more dynamic environment over time and making them better at making decisions. Over time, multiple decisions result in content collected on the Profile, revealing more and more to the user about his/her emerging energy personality.

Swiping to Decide

The Profile Tool adapts swiping technology so that when content is presented, the user can make a quick decision on whether to a) Delete the content; b) Defer the decision; or c) Save the content on the Profile.

Content and Choices

  1. Educational BYTES – Mastering new energy choices requires education, learning new terms and a new vocabulary, understanding new infrastructure, products, processes, and opportunities. BYTES are short information nuggets – either written, graphic or video
  2. Relevant TASKS – Changing behavior can range from small trivial decisions to more major aspects of one’s lifestyle. Exposure to a myriad of potential TASKS allows the user and never ending menu of potential changes.
  3. Best Practice TIPS – For those who have attained a higher level of maturity and learning, wisdom about best practices may be passed down in the forms of TIPS and short cuts for the less mature and evolved.
  4. Sponsored DISCOUNTS – Vendors are actively looking for opportunities to engage with this emerging market. Sponsorship opportunities exist for all the forms of content listed here, for starters. DISCOUNTS will become a major benefit of this platform.
  5. Group PURCHASES – Group buy opportunities for larger items like solar power systems, EV chargers and EVs themselves become possible as groups begin to form, enabling PURCHASES.
  6. Peer TRANSACTIONS – As the Personal Energy market matures, the number of users with energy systems producing excess power become sufficient to form a market for peer-to-peer TRANSACTIONS, also known as transactive energy.