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Just the Facts – the Basics to Begin With

Top 10 Reasons Why We Need to the me- Network to Personalize Clean Electricity and Carbon Reduction

10. FOSSIL FUEL ADDICTION & RULE OF HOLES. Inertia & Top down political pressure mean we continue to invest in Fossil Fuel industry/ infrastructure. Without outside pressure, the same thing will go on

9. IT’S TIME NOW. Carbon Emissions continue to concentrate in the atmosphere, changing the climate – glaciers melting, sea levels rising, more extreme storms – so warming continues even after we quit Fossil Fuels.

8. POLITICS. Top down politics to get global agreement are too slow to help – in time to matter – and too easy to undo – see recent G7 discord on Paris Agreement, Trump – we can’t put all of our eggs in this one basket.

7. FAR & FAST. Current approaches aren’t enough. We need a miracle to transform our approach to energy. We need new ways to avoid current roadblocks and move ahead. We need a new set of rules & a new roadmap.

6. STANDARD APPROACH. Energy markets are fragmented. We don’t have economies of scale like we had with the internet. A common language and structure for clean electricity worldwide would let local markets unite.

5.DECENTRALIZATION. The one thing we haven’t tried yet is to organize for new clean electricity solutions and help the world’s energy consumers make deliberate changes. We need new approaches that work.

4. SOCIAL NETWORKS. The modern way to drive markets, innovation, novelty & value is with Social Networks, Platforms, & Apps, which provide a roadmap and Best Practices; we need to get busy & execute with urgency.

3. DATA, DATA, DATA. Powerful tools like Big Data, Cloud, Bitcoin AI & IOT need a framework & context to engage the $1T global market. With digitization of our challenges & approaches, we can use these new tools.

2. DIFFICULT DECISIONS. With all these affordable Personal Energy tools & solutions, how do I decide what works best for me? Our network makes it easy for the consumer to decide, plan and set goals.

1. INNOVATION. We’re in a Marathon not a Sprint. We need to support each other as we learn and let billions of small changes ease us away from fossil fuels & onto clean electricity. We need more experiments, lots more.

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