The Personal Energy Market

Personal Energy Market Segments


Why Now? What has changed?

Personal Energy emerges when the rising understanding of climate change raises the consumer consciousness regarding fossil fuel limits and decarbonization and the potential of clean energy alternatives. Markets emerge when need meets opportunity.

  1. Affordable Technology. Modular energy technologies like LED lights and solar power systems are affordable for the first time
  2. Energy Independence. Independence is brand new – before, we always needed electric utilities and the grid to access affordable electricity
  3. Climate Urgency. We have run out of time to move beyond fossil fuels, we must act now to avert unstoppable Climate Change
  4. Values-Based Energy. The conscious and empowered energy consumer becomes an innovative prosumer and a force for positive change
  5. Social Transformation. A new marketplace of Personal Energy will drive innovative, market-based responses to Climate Change

The Personal Energy Market

The colored circles numbered 0-5 in the graph above represent new market segments in the Personal Energy market.