Personal Energy Defined

Personal Energy Emerges from Energy Independence

pe-emergesWhat is Personal Energy?

Definition: Personal Energy is a new market category for electricity driven by the introduction of innovative clean energy technologies & business models and defined from the energy consumer’s perspective, reflecting increasing independence from utility and grid connectivity and more complex needs and value perceptions

  • Energy. Electricity is now like air or water, a universal need – each of us requires electricity throughout our days, whether to heat or cool or light our homes, run our machines, or charge our phones,  laptops, electric vehicles, and other digital devices
  • Climate. Burning fossil fuels and producing carbon drives Climate Change, pursuing a personal energy lifestyle reverses Climate Change
  • Personal Energy. Energy Independence involves taking personal responsibility for individual energy needs and adjusting lifestyles to maintain and enhance personal value while lowering personal carbon footprint
  • Personal Empowerment. Personal Energy empowers individuals to take control of their energy and carbon footprint to align with their own personal values and make a difference