Transformative Electricity

Personal Energy Begins to Bend the Curve on Climate Change

Infrastructure to Services

The emerging phenomenon of Personal Energy is described as Personal Energy as a Service (PEAAS), a natural transition from the past to the future, driven by market forces centered on steadily increasing Personalization and Value. By comparing the more mature transformation of infrastructure into services in the telecom/information economy, the potential of Personal Energy is revealed.


Twin Industry Revolutions

This analysis builds on the Infrastructure to Services transformation by showcasing two industry revolutions, one more mature and the other just beginning to occur. First, we look at the Internet Revolution, well documented in innumerable analyses by now. In fact, we all lived through the amazing digitization of our lives, societies, and economies over the course of a single generation.

  • 1980s. The PC emerged as a novel desktop device with applications to make obsolete first paper spreadsheets, then typewriters,  slide rules, and flip charts and much more.
  • 1990s. The Internet and related technologies continued, challenging or wiping out first encyclopedias, then book stores, garage sales, Rolidexes, film cameras, newspapers and broadcast television. Tracking the Internet’s rise was mobile telephony, which obsoleted pay phones and land lines, driving a new wireless world.
  • 21st Century. Smart phones rounded out the revolution, integrating mobility and data, to kill (or mortally wound) CDs and Walkmans, paper road maps and atlases, even digital cameras, and challenging taxis, hotels and soon, even personal automobiles.

Certainly we have enjoyed a sometimes bumpy but steady progress punctuated by key leaps in technologies. New companies have popped into view overnight, killing off well established incumbents in surprising short order. By breaking the Internet Revolution into five key milestones or eras, we see a pattern emerge that is instructive to a similar revolution coming in electricity, just beginning to reveal itself.


The Bottom Line on Transformative Electricity

The potential of awakening the consumer market in electricity to expand their vision beyond low-cost electricity is huge. As we all know by now, the internet and smart phones have changed our world, introducing brand new ways of accessing information, communicating, conducting commercial transactions, and managing personal and business relationships. Both unintended and intentional outcomes are striking, as related in the Twin Industry Revolutions section above, here are just a few examples of the platforms that now stand out in these infrastructure to services transformations:

  • Google indexing humanity’s information and collective wisdom
  • Amazon’s digital e-book and publishing innovation
  • Apple’s smartphone-based platform and app economy
  • Facebook introducing an altogether new way to stay in touch, revolutionizing marketing concepts along the way
  • Twitter nurturing social and political revolution in areas where governments repress traditional media, but also as the primary means of a major party candidate in a US presidential election
  • LinkedIn linking the business world’s entrepreneurs, employers and employees
  • Uber upending the traditional taxicab industry and challenging the status quo in regional and local markets worldwide for greater convenience and improved economies
  • Google and Tesla promoting automated vehicles for improved safety and vastly improved capacity utilization in the transportation sector

A key reason for Prsenl to launch Power to the People is to help awaken this slumbering market and harness its potential for similar changes in energy, with specific focus on Climate Change. If enough people wake up and take control of their energy consumption, shifting habits to focus on sustainability rather than low cost consumption, we may have some hope of a bottom up approach to Climate Change where governments have fumbled at the top down method. Clearly, both bottom up viral change and top down mandated change will be needed if we are to meet the global challenge to wean ourselves of fossil fuel, which has provided us so many benefits over the past 100 years. We believe that Personal Energy innovation and PEAAS hold the keys to bending the curve of Climate Change away from catastrophe – the future really is in our hands. All of our hands. It’s a new world and transformation is at hand.

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