Personal Energy, Personal Sustainability and Climate Change

For too many in our modern world, climate change remains a confusing issue whose long-term consequences fail to register, making it easy to set aside and continue with the status quo. In fact, Personal Energy is closely tied to Personal Sustainability. With increased understanding of one’s personal relationship with energy, the enlightened individual gains insight into his/her personal carbon footprint and personal impact on Climate Change. That understanding opens the door to taking personal responsibility and changing personal behaviors to reduce one’s impact. This section seeks to connect the dots between Energy Use and Climate Change in five key steps, as shown in the diagram below. It is our hope that mastering these five key steps helps the reader to speak with authority in conversations about climate change, gaining influence as a thought leader. The analysis moves across the top row, then considers four scenarios and their impacts.


The Fossil Fuel / Climate Change Continuum

Five steps define a continuum, leading from extraction and combustion of fossil fuels through to negative impacts on climate (i.e., seal level rise, extreme storms, etc.). Understanding these changes connects Personal Energy to Personal Sustainability.


Scenario Analysis

Understanding this chain of five steps, from Fossil Fuels to Climate Change, we can now proceed to Cases A-D, which represent four scenarios on how we might relate to Fossil Fuels in the framework of Personal Energy.


The Bottom Line on Personal Energy and Climate Change

On gaining an understanding about climate change, the only rational path forward for a conscious individual or organizational leader  is to begin to reorder one’s personal or corporate lifestyle to eliminate fossil fuel consumption in the next 10-15 years and to capture personal Lessons Learned – new found wisdom – to help others do the same. Personal Energy is a strategy for taking personal responsibility for climate impact.

Now aware of the relationship between your personal choices and impacts on Climate Change, and given the choice and the ability to act, what will you choose to do? Go here to learn more about ways to take action.

“The clean energy revolution is now unstoppable”

VIDEO: Almost everything you know about climate change solutions is outdated

See this link for a great video of a wise man, Joe Romm, formerly with US DOE, talking about sustainability and climate change if  you want to get up to speed fast on the current state of affairs. It’s not enough to read information from main stream media that is filtered and out of date.

Living in the fact-based world is a challenge when we are getting our minds wrapped around such a consequential topic that is so dynamic.

Key quote, give or take, from this excellent video – “Climate Change will have as much impact as the Internet has – the future is pretty clear, I can’t tell you the timing of everything that’s going to happen, but the conclusions are clear. We will soon divide society into two groups – the people who are informed – AKA The Smart Money – and everyone else.”

Watch, Listen, Learn.