The Personal Energy Innovation Toolbox

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1. US DOE Report: “Revolution Now, 2016 Edition”

This US DOE report documents progress in five key renewable technologies.

On Line Resources

Climate Change


1. Years of Living Dangerously, National Geographic Channel

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to learn a lot about climate change is to take advantage of powerful storytelling, already in the can and ready for viewing – some of the best can be found in Season 1 of this Emmy award winning documentary series narrated by well-known celebrities, covering different topics around the world. IMHO, you could not find a better place to start raising your Climate Change IQ than to sample Season 1 here for free and/or sign up at Showtime to watch the full series here (Free trial for 7 days, 8.99/month thereafter). The premier episode is available on YouTube here. Episodes of Season 2 start on October 30, 2016.


2. Climate Progress Blog

This blog, edited by scientist Joe Romm, features multiple well-written posts daily by different authors, all taking less than 5 minutes to read. A steady daily diet of these posts on what Tom Friedman of the NY Times calls “the indispensable blog” will get one up to speed in no time. Joe’s page is here. Check out Climate Progress here.


3. UC Boulder Office for Outreach and Engagement

If you treat Climate Change like a subject in school, with you the student, this is the website for you. A treasure trove of academic resources, from short videos to webinars to teaching tools, this site is worth the time. Ski on over to the Rockies and bookmark it!


4. Scientific American

This site is for those who appreciate a scientific approach to Climate Change, where they’ve collected their own writing on climate over the past decades. They’ve been on this for a while. Click here and start studying!



One gets an entirely new perspective on things by looking over NASA’s shoulder down on our Planet Earth,  our island home. Spend some time here and let these images wash over you.


6. Environmental Defense Fund

As their name implies, this group is very, very focused on the environment and there’s nothing bigger than climate change, check it out here.


7. Natural Resources Defense Council

Global Warming 101: Everything you wanted to know about our changing climate but were too afraid to ask. Enough said – brief, but valuable Q&A format. Learn more here.

Traditional Electricity


1. US Energy Information Agency (EIA) 

EIA, a division of the US Department of Energy (DOE) compiles dynamic information on our energy resources, but also has great educational resources near the bottom of this page. Check out the website here.


2. Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

EEI, predominately comprised of investor owned utilities (the large ones), has a robust website that is a great resource to understand our traditional electricity system. Find it here.


3. American Public Power Association (APPA)

APPA is the national organization in the US for city-owned electric utilities, referred to in the industry as municipally-owned utilities or MOUs. The Topics page found here covers many issues of interest to students of Traditional Electricity.


4. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)

NRECA is the national organization in the US for member-owned electric cooperatives or coops. Two sections of the website are good resources for learning more about this particular perspective – see Energy & Technology and On the Issues here.

Transitional Electricity


1. Advanced Energy Economy

A great resource to understand our transitioning electricity system is Advanced Energy Economy, a US group of technology companies focused on driving innovation and reform into the US utility industry. See the website, here.


2. GreenTech Media

This website, found here, is well-organized and has massive amounts of data on new energy technologies.


3. Utility Dive

More focused on utilities, Utility Dive is a good complement to GreenTech Media for US and global news on Transitional Electricity. Website here.


4. Renew Economy

This website is refreshing, chock full of news and information on Transitional Electricity, from the Australian perspective. Australia is one of the more progressive countries in this area, so a good look into our global future. Click here.


5. Our Renewable Future

This ebook is laid out in its entirety on this website – here – its readable in a couple of hours and its a great way to get up to speed fast, relatively painlessly. Buy the book here.

Transformative Electricity



1. Future of Utilities – Utilities of the Future: How Technological Innovations in Distributed Energy Resources Will Reshape the Electric Power Sector 1st Edition

A great resource to understand our transitioning electricity system is this book, Future of Utilitieshere.


The Advanced Smart Grid, Edge Power Driving Sustainability, 2nd Edition

Cited as “far and away the best book yet about the smart grid…must reading” by Jesse Berst of Smart Grid News website on its release in 2011, the book was published again in a second edition in 2015. Co-authors John Cooper (Prsenl) and Andres Carvallo capture a highly technical topic – grid modernization – in language intended for an educated, but non-technical reader. Chapters 1 and 2 in particular provide a solid foundation for Traditional Electricity. Chapters 3-6 in particular provide a solid foundation of Transitional Electricity. Chapter 7 in particular provides a solid foundation for Transformative Electricity. Reviews here. Buy it here.