Innovation Economics

Personal Energy Innovation & Economics

Escalating Value

The Ten Cs of Energy chart in this model shows customers moving towards ever more progressive value denoted by ten key benefits associated with electricity. From basic Connectivity all the way through to Community, Choice, and Change, these descriptors track increasing independence, personalization and escalating value as Personal Energy Economics take hold.

  1. Connectivity
  2. Comfort
  3. Convenience
  4. Control
  5. Cost
  6. Carbon
  7. Continuity
  8. Community
  9. Choice
  10. Change


Embedded Value

As energy shifts from Fossil Fuel-driven to Technology Innovation-driven, the potential for embedded value increases. Whether it is buildings that include multiple sources of Personal Energy in their design; vehicles that use electricity to move them, but also for other purposes; appliances that have grown aware of their energy state and their capacity to participate in markets – the modular capacity of Personal Energy enables this new quality of embedded value.